Lynx Hunting in Estonia, There is no Better Place

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Lynx (Felis lynx)

Today the lynx population in Estonia counts more than 1500. In Estonia, their main prey is rabbit, deer, rodents and birds. The mating season of the lynx lasts from February to March. In most cases 2 or 3 pups are born. The pups remain with their mothers until they are 1 year old. The Lynx reach sexual maturity at 2 years of age. In most cases the weight of the lynx is 10-20 kilograms, larger animals can weigh even over 30 kilograms. In addition to humans, the enemy of the lynx is the wolf.

Lynx Hunt

With the exception of the females with the pups, the Lynx can be hunted in Estonia from the 1st of the December to the 28th of January.

Lynx hunting is usually conducted in raids or as individual hunt using dogs.

The amount of hunting of the lynx is divided by county depending on the hunting quotas. In 2011 more than 110 lynx were hunted in the bigger hunting areas.