Come and Hunt European Moose in Estonia

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Moose (Alces alces)

Today, Estonia can boast with the optimal Moose population. The mating season lasts from late August until the early October. Males fight each other for the right of being the leading male. The leading male can inseminate up to seven females during the mating season. The gestation period is approximately 7.5 months and the calves are born in May. Usually there are 1-2 calves, in rare cases 3. Adult animals can weigh up to 300-500 kilograms, calves weigh around 100 kilograms. The natural enemies of the Moose are wolf and bear.

Moose Hunting

Moose can be hunted using “calling” or “stalking” methods. In the beginning of the mating season hunting through the “calling method” when imitating the voice of the male is very interesting.

In 2011, more than 4.300 elks were hunted in Estonia.

With respect to trophies

Bronze medal, trophy from 250 to 274.99 CIC points
Silver Medal 275 to 299.99 CIC points
Gold Medal 300 CIC points or more.