Estonia, a paradise for Wild Boar Hunting

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Wild boar (Sus scrofa)

The population of the wild boar in Estonian territory has varied considerably during the last few centuries, yet the recent years show a continuous stability. Wild boar belongs to gregarious species; males join the herd only during the breeding season, which lasts from November to January. The male animals have an intense fight and the winner inseminates all the female animals of the herd. The piglets are born from March to May. An adult individual may weigh over 300 kilograms. The main enemy of the wild boar is wolf.

Wild boar can be hunted all year round. Wild boar is usually hunted using “waylay” and “stalking” methods, yet the best time to hunt wild boars is in winter when the ground is covered with snow. In this period it is easy to follow the tracks of the wild boar using dogs.

In 2011 over 20,000 wild boars were hunted. With respect to trophies

Bronze medal, trophy from 110 to 114.99 CIC points
Silver medal, trophy from 115 to 119.99 CIC points
Gold Medal 120 points or more in the CIC
Wild boar hunting calendar